Natty Parks

As a precursor to any National Park excursion stories I report on, I have to give a little background on my obsession. In the summer of 2016, coincidentally the summer of the National Park Centennial, I was working an annual summer camp hosted by my division within my organization. Part of the summer camp included … Continue reading Natty Parks

15 Hours in Anchorage pt. 1

Snow City Cafe "My clothes are fine!" I announced, inspecting my previously spray-soaked items. I grabbed a sweater that had been at the forefront in the line of fire, and inhaled a huge whiff. "They only barely smell like hair spray now." Megan raised an eyebrow and turned the palms of her hands over as … Continue reading 15 Hours in Anchorage pt. 1

Planes, Planes, and More Planes

Alaska; Leg One: IAD to SEA "Reagan all the way," Megan stated, grimacing as she darted her eyes around the interior of Dulles. I spent my childhood crisscrossing the terminals of Dulles International Airport, tagging along behind my mother, the flight attendant. Dulles sort of felt like a guest house. Megan, an uproot from South … Continue reading Planes, Planes, and More Planes

The Last Frontier

In 2016, my friend/co-worker/roommate went to Alaska for a work trip. She spent ten days tagging along with one of our remote co-workers who resides there, exploring small towns and big, empty expanses, and came back brimming with awe and a newfound passion for the wild, largely uninhabited 49th state. In March of this year, … Continue reading The Last Frontier

I Need to Stop Saying Yes

In the fall of 2013, two somewhat significant things happened to me: I started my new (and first) real career job, and my significant other of five years broke up with me. On the same day. So that was fun. To remedy my sudden sensation of being entirely uprooted in my life, I adopted the … Continue reading I Need to Stop Saying Yes

200 Crappy Words per Day

Not too long ago, my brother recommended a book to me titled, "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck" by best-selling author and life-advice blogger Mark Manson. In hindsight, the recommendation might have been a slight toward my tendency to become over invested in absolutely everything of non-importance, but I'm thankful for the recommendation … Continue reading 200 Crappy Words per Day