Where We’re Going… We Need New Roads.

I just returned from my week-long Texas trip yesterday and the biggest thing I learned from my time there was this: Texas roads are terrible. Just absolute garbage. Texas is miles and miles of gravel shit.

I’m honestly surprised people don’t have to change their tires annually; it seemed that every single street I drove on, from Dallas to Austin, was uneven, or rough, or contained potholes, or was under construction. At least they seemed like they were trying to remedy the situation.

Overall it was a solid trip, and now that I’m back I’m trying to collect my thoughts on what exactly I did. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were all strictly for work, so there wasn’t anything necessarily noteworthy to write about – except Thursday night when I went on a brewery adventure, met a couple from my hometown, and discovered a cute spot right outside of downtown Dallas – and then Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I explored Dallas, Waco, and Austin.

Overall on this trip I checked off two new breweries, one National Park, and found two great dining spots. I was also at Magnolia Market the day before Chip and Jo announced Fixer Upper was ending after season five. They made an announcement the day before the Silos would be closing an hour early for a staff meeting. We were there and we didn’t even know. WE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW. Tragic.

After I finish summing up my trip to Alaska (Saturday – banquet day, Sunday – Power Creek Trail in search of bears and the stretch of road past the airport in search of Moose, Monday – Anchorage pt. 2, the Nature Conservatory, Moose’s Tooth), I’ll begin my synopsis of my Texas adventure.

But first, I’m off to the PA mountains on Sunday/Monday for a trap shooting work event.

Keep the travel coming; I hope it never ends.

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