Viva Las Vegas

Ugh UGH. I am the worst, I am the absolute worst at getting shit done. My goal has always been to wrap up writing about a trip before I embark on another one, and yet I haven’t finished Alaska, haven’t even started on Texas, and tomorrow morning I’m en route to Vegas. Not to mention that I’ve visited like 4 breweries I’ve wanted to write about, in addition to all the trips.

Oh well. Maybe I will be better about this in 2018. Or maybe I’ll stop travelling a little.

Anyway, my goal is to write two more posts about my Alaskan adventures, plus post a gallery page, and then tackle anywhere between 3-5 posts/gallery page about Texas, and then however many adventures Vegas will contain. Or at least parts of the Vegas adventures. I feel like I’m breaking the cardinal rule by writing about Vegas at all. Again, oh well.

Truthfully, I have absolutely no idea what to expect from this trip. I have never been to Vegas before and I have done minimal research. I’m pretty sure everyone who I’m going with has been at least once, and so I have done exactly 0 planning for this trip – which, because of the frequency of my adventures lately – has been a surprisingly refreshing change of pace. I am told there will be hiking, I know we have at least one show involved, and I’m assuming there will be copious bouts of rowdiness. Other than that. No clue.

As always, I’m incredibly behind with the amount of chores I need to complete before I leave and haven’t even started packing yet. Killin’ it as usual.

Maybe if I’m really productive, I’ll finish my Alaska posts on the plane ride over.

Probably not tho. We’ll see.

Image result for viva las vegas gif

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