In the afterthought of my post from the other day, and my general tendency to make poor life decisions regarding my general well being overall, I have decided to jump on the annual bandwagon and commit to sitting down and figuring out 18 resolutions for this upcoming year, potentially writing about them if I ever complete them.

I am also convincing myself that this is a constructive way to procrastinate from the actual work I have to do, considering it involves bettering myself as a whole. Right?

Ehh. Whatever.

  1. Not ignore my Fitbit when it vibrates and tells me to walk 250 steps every hour. Walk 250 steps an hour.
  2. I bought a Sony A6000 in 2016. My dad bought me educational DVDs on using nice cameras, because he knows I know nothing. I am going to watch those videos this year. Learn how to take nice pictures.
  3. Actually take excursions with my camera every now and then, after I learn how to use it. Go on adventures and take pictures (semi-frequently).
  4. I say this ALL the time, and buy a ton of materials to do this and then don’t do it, but draw/create more because I’m relatively decent at it, I enjoy it, and I don’t want to get rusty. Do or work on at least one creative project a month.
  5. In college, I was belay certified and would go rock climbing a decent amount. My friend Caitlin was home over Thanksgiving and we took a climbing class together and said we would get belay certified again. We have not yet. Get belay certified.
  6. This year for Christmas, my dad got my mom and I MoviePasses. Basically I have a subscription to see as many movies I want this year, and I don’t want it to go to waste because that would be silly because the ridiculous thing is a dang steal. See at least two movies a month.
  7. Run another half-marathon (or at least a shit ton of 10k’s).
  8. I obviously started this blog to write, but I’m not writing as often as I want to. I’m on hold on posting ATM because I have a little book I take tasting notes in when I forget the book that I actually bought FOR tasting notes that I lost, so I can’t post about the breweries I’ve been to until I locate that. Goal one: find the little book. Goal two: Post at least weekly, working up to bi-weekly.
  9. I bought a concealed carry purse in a moment of weakness at our store sale in December, and I don’t have my concealed carry permit. So I should probably get that. Get my concealed carry permit.
  10. Fix my sleep.
  11. I have a decent budget plan, but I keep going over it by justifying events and purchases. I need to pull the reigns in on a little so I can start saving more money. Spend less, save more.
  12. This is a goal I have had every year since 2016, and I’m pretty good at it: Get out of my home state at least once a month. I just got back from Colorado, so January’s done, and I’ll be in Pennsylvania for 5 days in February so that should be good too. March and April are open, May I will be in Texas, no plans for June yet, I will probably be in Michigan in July, as well as Georgia, Alaska again in August, Florida in September, and then October, November, and December are open. I’m sure not for long, though.
  13. Give back. I’ve wanted to volunteer for something or get involved in my community somehow forever, but I keep not committing or following through. Maybe this’ll be my year (probably not, but eventually, right?). At the least, I’ll try to be a little more generous and involved in donations and try not to be so stingy with my money.
  14. I’ve had a fear of minimizing the importance of education post-graduation, and since then have tried to take at least one new class a year. in 2014, I took an Adobe Premiere and a film class. In 2015, I took a spatter of Coursera classes that I never seemed to follow all the way through and a CPR class, and in 2016 I took an art class. I want to continue on this path, if, at the least, to make sure my brain doesn’t complete rot away as I age into obsolescence. Maybe I’ll get a certificate this year! Get a certificate or complete a course. 
  15. I consider myself a spiritual person, although I have had no formal religious education since I was confirmed in the 8th grade. On an inspirational whim this past fall, I enrolled in a religious education group that I have been going to weekly. I kind of suck at doing the homework though. So a) do the homework, and then b) hopefully I will continue to enroll in these classes at least once or twice a year. Continue with religious education.
  16. My roommate said her New Year’s Resolution was to read a book a month. I’m an on-and-off avid reader; sometimes I’ll tear through three books in a month and sometimes I’ll sit on the same one for 3 months. I’ll try to make it more regular, and steal her resolution. Read a book a month.
  17. I have a hard time getting rid of stuff. In fact, the closet in my old room at my parents house is still filled with clothes, as well as a dresser, in addition to all the clothes I have over-crowding my current closet and dresser. I need to get rid of a lot of this stuff that I never use, but I often get distracted or sentimental. A huge goal for me, by the end of this year, is to honestly just clean everything out. Just get rid of everything I don’t need or use. I’ve been overdue on this one since about 2008. Do a complete cleaning overhaul.
  18. One more goal, one more goal… hmmm. There are probably a lot of really productive things I could include here, like: drink less alcohol, figure out a solid five-year plan, stretch EVERY DAY, or literally take time to do nothing (because I’m not great at that one). But I think I’m just going to end this on the thing that I am the most hard on myself on: Don’t beat myself up so much if I don’t accomplish everything that I have set out for myself. All of this is just a general plan to try to keep myself headed in the right direction, but it’s not necessary, and sometimes I forget that when I make goals. Priorities shift and life throws curve balls. Beating myself up is much easier than being proud of the things I’ve accomplished, but that’s a little backwards, so I’m going to try to focus on doing less of the former and more of the latter.

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