Alaska Recap


Although we only had a cumulative less than 24 hours in Anchorage, and spent most of our time in a more remote town in Alaska (although I feel like this is redundant because isn’t all of Alaska remote), the things I enjoyed are below:

Anchorage, AK

Restaurants: Snow City Cafe, Moose’s Tooth
Try: Deadliest Catch (or literally anything with seafood at Snow City) and Reindeer
Sausage at Snow City, Call of the Wild Pizza at Moose’s Tooth

Beer: 49th State Brewing Co, Moose’s Tooth
Try: Just the Tip at 49th State Brewing Co, and the Pipeline Stout at Moose’s Tooth

Attractions: Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Alaska Public Lands Center, Balto Statue

Don’t Leave Without Getting: A bottle of Alaskan Amber (you can buy them in the airport!), An Ulu knife

Cordova, AK

Restaurants: The Powder House
Try: Sampler, Brownie Sundae, and literally anything on the menu. They know how
to cook

Beer: The Reluctant Fisherman, The Powder House
Try: Alaskan Amber at either venue. It’s the beer to get in Alaska

Attractions: The Net Loft, Copper River Fleece, and get out on a fishing boat if you can find someone to take you!

Don’t Leave Without Getting: A Cordova rock, a jacket or vest from Copper River Fleece

Alaska is a must see for anyone who has it on their bucket list. Megan and I have plans to return in August, so hopefully we can check out some new places the second time around and extend our adventures!




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