January Recap (Resolutions)

At the beginning of last month, I decided I was going to make 18 resolutions for the new year. Why? Because I am an over-achieving fool. To try to keep myself accountable, I will aim to review my status of each of these resolutions monthly.

Let’s see:

  1. Walk 250 steps an hour.
    Okay, okay you GOT ME. I ignore this one a lot. It’s hard! Even when I try to complete it, there’s no set path where I can complete this easily. This leaves me circling random paths in the office like a weirdo and makes me self conscious about what I am doing. HOWEVER, I am pretty good at getting in the allotted and ~*mAgIcAl*~ 10,000 steps a day. So I have that going for me.
  2.  Learn how to take nice pictures.
    Yikes, haven’t started on this one yet. Good thing I have the whole year to figure that one out.
  3.  Go on adventures and take pictures (semi-frequently).
    Please refer to resolution 2.
  4. Do or work on at least one creative project a month.
    I’ve been working on a piece of artwork as a gift for my roommate (dear Lord I hope she doesn’t read my blog). I’m almost done with it but because I can only work on it when she’s gone, I’m afraid it’s taking me much longer than I anticipated. Goal is to get it done by end of Feb.
  5. Get belay certified.
    Please refer to resolution 2.
  6.  See at least two movies a month.
    I saw one movie in January with my movie pass. The Last Jedi. Mad about this. I tried to see another one last week but a bunch of random crap kept popping up.
  7. Run another half-marathon (or at least a shit ton of 10k’s).
    Please refer to resolution 2.
  8. Post at least weekly, working up to bi-weekly.
    Finally something I have (somewhat) accomplished! I have been posting semi-regularly. Go me! I even started a post on Texas but it’s sitting in my drafts folder. I’ll get there.
  9. Get my concealed carry permit.
    Please refer to resolution 2.
  10. Fix my sleep.
    I am making good progress on this one. I have been reading a book on sleep called The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It and it’s pretty interesting. I’m also making a good effort to just follow basic sleep rules, like being in bed every night at the same time and waking up at the same time and not using electronics in bed. I have started to feel better. I’m super happy about all of this.
  11. Spend less, save more.
    I’m going to ignore this one for now. I had started to spend less but then I bought a new piece of furniture and I just had to spend $200 on glasses 😦 One day, maybe.
  12. Get out of my home state at least once a month.
    Went to Colorado last month!
  13. Give back.
    Please refer to resolution 2.
  14. Get a certificate or complete a course.
    I have looked into this but have yet to follow through. It’s still early, right?
  15. Continue with religious education.
    Still going to classes so I’m doin’ aight.
  16.  Read a book a month.
    I’m about half way through The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It. Whoops.
  17. Do a complete cleaning overhaul.
    I packed away a paper shopping bag full of clothes this month. It’s not a lot, but it’s a start. Now I actually have to take them to Goodwill.
  18. Don’t beat myself up so much if I don’t accomplish everything that I have set out for myself.
    I haven’t. Go me!

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