February Recap (Resolutions)

I’ve fallen a little (far) off the writing wagon, and sadly, for no conceivably good reason. I didn’t end up getting the dog I posted about, but I did go to a dog training seminar at an Outdoor Show I attended a week later and now I feel as if I really need to have a yard before I get a dog. And who knows when or if that’ll ever happen. The only other largely notable things that occurred during the month of February were:

  • I gave up drinking for lent (except for on Sundays – my devout Catholic grandmother told me it was acceptable to indulge in whatever you are withholding yourself from on Sunday as it is a day of rest, so I have gone out of my way to avoid all other sources contradicting this)
  • I went axe throwing for my buddy’s birthday (I wasn’t too shabby either)
  • I last minute planned a bachelorette party for this weekend in NYC
  • I went to Harrisburg, PA for five days for an outdoor show
  • I’ve been getting up in the morning to exercise (who am I?)
  • I planted some produce seedlings
  • Said seedlings have sprouted
  • I have been probably a little too infatuated with said seedlings
  • I went to a goat farm and got to hold a ton of baby goats. This technically happened in March, but it has been far and away the highlight of my past 30 days.

In resolutions terms, I’ve probably been a little inconsistent. Okay, a lot of inconsistent considering I really don’t remember what they are. I’m excited about the all-expense paid guilt trip I am about to take myself on.

  1. Walk 250 steps an hour.
    I gave up on this. Instead I’ve opted to get up in the morning and walk or run. That is going better than forcing myself to walk around in circles every hour.
  2.  Learn how to take nice pictures.
    Yep, will circle back on this one…
  3.  Go on adventures and take pictures (semi-frequently).
    I’m going on some adventures, I just need to remember to bring my camera.
  4. Do or work on at least one creative project a month.
    I finally finished Megan’s present and I was really happy with the final product. Hopefully this month I’ll work on some sketching and rudimentary things instead of larger scale stuff. I did design a logo for our apartment last week (yep… we have a name and a logo for our apartment. It’s normal, I promise) and ordered some koozies with the logo on it. I guess that’s creative.
  5. Get belay certified.
    Please refer to resolution 2.
  6.  See at least two movies a month.
    I goofed on this one. It just seemed like there was a lot of stuff going on this month, and not a ton of movies I wanted to see. I’m trying to up this intake in March to make up for the gaps in February.
  7. Run another half-marathon (or at least a shit ton of 10k’s).
    I’ve discussed potentially running one with a friend, but getting the ball rolling is another story.
  8. Post at least weekly, working up to bi-weekly.
  9. Get my concealed carry permit.
    Please refer to resolution 2.
  10. Fix my sleep.
    I’m still doing alright with this, although my sleep still seems to be somewhat inconsistent. I’m getting tired earlier and waking up earlier to exercise.
  11. Spend less, save more.
    Whoops. Spent $100 on merchandise at a brewery on Sunday just because. Also have this bachelorette party this weekend. And this may sound basic AF but Starbucks has thrown me into crisis mode because they are discontinuing their “You are Here” collection of mugs for a new “Been There” collection that I don’t like. This means I need to collect what mugs I can while I can and I am shelling out a lot of upfront cash to do just this. It’s worth it. I think.
  12. Get out of my home state at least once a month.
    As referenced before, I was in Harrisburg, PA for 5 days earlier this month. I’ve been there a couple of times before, so it was nothing new, but I was attending the show this time instead of working it which was an interesting perspective. I spent a lot of money on nonsense there too.
  13. Give back.
    I donated some clothes. I know that’s not a lot. Lent is supposed to be a season of giving as well so I need to sort of restructure my actions.
  14. Get a certificate or complete a course.
    I haven’t done a full certification but I went to 2 seminars and a class while I was at the Great American Outdoor Show. I know it doesn’t count. I’ll get back to this.
  15. Continue with religious education.
    My last class is actually today, but I’ve met a friend in class who has invited me to a few other organized events so I’m staying involved. My dad also bought me a daily readings book for the lenton season and I’ve been sticking with that.
  16.  Read a book a month.
    I haven’t finished The Sleep Solution: Why Your Sleep is Broken and How to Fix It yet. I kind of start and stop books whenever I see fit, so I’ll probably come back to it. However, I started reading You Are a Badass, I reread Holes because I was talking about it with some friends and forgot how good it was, I read the poetry collection, Whiskey Words and a Shovel, and I read a few short compilations about my personality type via the Myers-Briggs test.
  17. Do a complete cleaning overhaul.
    I need to thin out my wardrobe a little bit more and clean out my stuff from my bedroom at my parents house. I also need to stop buying useless junk just because I can.
  18. Don’t beat myself up so much if I don’t accomplish everything that I have set out for myself.

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