August Recap (Resolutions)

I’m not going to lie. I forgot I made these.

Since half of the year has aggressively gone by, I figure I’ll revisit them to see my standings.

  1. Walk 250 steps an hour.
    I’m scratching this. 18 resolutions were kind of a lot anyway, right?
  2.  Learn how to take nice pictures.
    I haven’t watched my Great Courses photography lectures gifted to me 2+ years ago yet, but I have dusted off my camera, so I’m headed in the right direction (sort of).
  3.  Go on adventures and take pictures (semi-frequently).
    I did just go on a pretty grand adventure; I wish I had taken more pictures. I have another trip to Alaska coming up at the end of this month. I bought a holster from Cotton Carrier, and I rigged a secured system through a hook on the strap of my backpack to keep it clasped. It’s tough to explain but it works really well when I’m hiking and it makes it easier to not scramble for the camera when I want to snag a pic. I did buy a white silicone case for the camera as well, but when I got back from the desert I noticed it’s now tinted yellow from the dust and sand.
  4. Do or work on at least one creative project a month.
    I crafted another project during the month of July for Megan’s birthday; it was a knot wreath with a Washington Nationals theme. I can’t remember what I’ve done before that.
  5. Get belay certified.
    I have six months to do this but I might chop this as well…
  6.  See at least two movies a month.
    I can’t remember if I’ve seen two movies a month but I have seen a lot of movies. Movie Pass stores your film watching history, which is nice. This year, I’ve seen Three Billboards, Game Night, Isle of Dogs, I Feel Pretty, Deadpool 2, Oceans 8, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, Tag, and Jurassic World. That almost averages out to two movies a month. I’m trying to go see The Meg next week and The Spy Who Dumped Me this week, and I’m dying to see Sorry to Bother You ASAP.
  7. Run another half-marathon (or at least a shit ton of 10k’s).
    There’s no way I’m running a half this year. I joined a running club that meets twice a week and I’ve in semi-average 5k shape, but I had a foot injury that chopped a month off training. I am signed up for a Savage Race in the fall, though.
  8. Post at least weekly, working up to bi-weekly.
  9. Get my concealed carry permit.
    Please refer to resolution 2.
  10. Fix my sleep.
    I can’t. I’m trying.
  11. Spend less, save more.
    I have not been saving money. But I have been spending it on good things.
  12. Get out of my home state at least once a month.
    March – NYC
    April – I didn’t leave! Tragic. I did spend a weekend in DC. Let’s count that.
    May – Dallas, Waco, Austin
    June – DE
    July – DE, Las Vegas, Arizona, Utah
    August – I’ll be in Alaska
  13. Give back.
    I’ve thought about this a lot and haven’t followed through.
  14. Get a certificate or complete a course.
    I went to a Cvent conference and took a Coursera course. No certificate, but some education, nonetheless.
  15. Continue with religious education.
    My goal for the past few weeks has been to wake up at 6, make coffee, take a walk, and listen to religious podcasts. Have I failed? Absolutely.
  16.  Read a book a month.
    I’m not sure if I’ve done a book a month, exactly, but I’ve done a decent amount of reading. I reread Holes, I bought and sort of started to read Slouching Toward Bethlehem but it didn’t pull me in and I’ve been reading an essay on and off every now and then, I read Capital Gaines, The Mysterious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, re-read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and now I’m reading Wild.
  17. Do a complete cleaning overhaul.
    I’ve done a few of these and still feel like I’m getting no where.
  18. Don’t beat myself up so much if I don’t accomplish everything that I have set out for myself.

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