In the afterthought of my post from the other day, and my general tendency to make poor life decisions regarding my general well being overall, I have decided to jump on the annual bandwagon and commit to sitting down and figuring out 18 resolutions for this upcoming year, potentially writing about them if I ever … Continue reading Resolut(18)ns

Holistic Headache

This morning, I woke up feeling like absolute dog shit. I rolled into the shower, my head throbbing with an emerging headache, before climbing back into bed, only to snap awake 30 minutes later (now running late) still feeling like absolute dog shit. Once I arrived at work, half alive, I had the insight to … Continue reading Holistic Headache

Where We’re Going… We Need New Roads.

I just returned from my week-long Texas trip yesterday and the biggest thing I learned from my time there was this: Texas roads are terrible. Just absolute garbage. Texas is miles and miles of gravel shit. I'm honestly surprised people don't have to change their tires annually; it seemed that every single street I drove … Continue reading Where We’re Going… We Need New Roads.