15 Hours in Anchorage Pt. 2

Alaska Public Lands Center Alaska is huge. I don't think that's news to anyone. One of the predominant reoccurring jokes we heard from Alaskan natives was: 'If you cut Alaska in half, Texas would be the third largest state'. Alaska's National Parks are also, like, really, really big. It's difficult to both be in a … Continue reading 15 Hours in Anchorage Pt. 2

Natty Parks

As a precursor to any National Park excursion stories I report on, I have to give a little background on my obsession. In the summer of 2016, coincidentally the summer of the National Park Centennial, I was working an annual summer camp hosted by my division within my organization. Part of the summer camp included … Continue reading Natty Parks

Harper’s Ferry – Maryland Heights

My dog does not have patience for slow walkers. I learned this on a crisp autumn Sunday when I decided to undertake Harpers Ferry's Maryland Heights trail with her. Although small in stature, my seven year old mutt dragged me up the mountain, weaving purposefully through large groups of family tourists, peaceful meanderers, and focused … Continue reading Harper’s Ferry – Maryland Heights