Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria

After our dance with potentially being stranded, we headed back to downtown Anchorage so I could scramble around to secure some last minute souvenirs. I had wanted to buy Ulu knives, which are apparently a big thing in Alaskan tourism, but I had forgotten that we were currently on a layover which meant that our … Continue reading Moose’s Tooth Pub & Pizzeria

15 Hours in Anchorage Pt. 3

"Do you know a Michelle or Don?" Our waitress's eyes lit up for a second and then her right eyebrow slanted downward, processing. "I know a Michelle, but she's not working today. I don't know a Don." I pouted my lips in fake disappointment, pretending to be disheartened by not being able to see people … Continue reading 15 Hours in Anchorage Pt. 3

15 Hours in Anchorage Pt. 2

Alaska Public Lands Center Alaska is huge. I don't think that's news to anyone. One of the predominant reoccurring jokes we heard from Alaskan natives was: 'If you cut Alaska in half, Texas would be the third largest state'. Alaska's National Parks are also, like, really, really big. It's difficult to both be in a … Continue reading 15 Hours in Anchorage Pt. 2

15 Hours in Anchorage pt. 1

Snow City Cafe "My clothes are fine!" I announced, inspecting my previously spray-soaked items. I grabbed a sweater that had been at the forefront in the line of fire, and inhaled a huge whiff. "They only barely smell like hair spray now." Megan raised an eyebrow and turned the palms of her hands over as … Continue reading 15 Hours in Anchorage pt. 1

Planes, Planes, and More Planes

Alaska; Leg One: IAD to SEA "Reagan all the way," Megan stated, grimacing as she darted her eyes around the interior of Dulles. I spent my childhood crisscrossing the terminals of Dulles International Airport, tagging along behind my mother, the flight attendant. Dulles sort of felt like a guest house. Megan, an uproot from South … Continue reading Planes, Planes, and More Planes