A Powerful Moment Before the Brewery

Something wholly incredible happened on our return from the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Area: We were driving back the same stretch of winding road to return to Anchorage, still captivated by the views parallel to us. At one point, a patch of mountains visible across the water really caught my eye, it's ridges back lit by … Continue reading A Powerful Moment Before the Brewery

Anchorage Again: Part 1

We landed back in the Anchorage airport around 2:30 pm and headed back down the familiar, stretching hallway that lead to the rental car hub, just as we had the first time when we arrived days before. A projection of the Northern Lights adorned the ceiling, flickering between it's famous hues of luminescent green and … Continue reading Anchorage Again: Part 1

Where We’re Going… We Need New Roads.

I just returned from my week-long Texas trip yesterday and the biggest thing I learned from my time there was this: Texas roads are terrible. Just absolute garbage. Texas is miles and miles of gravel shit. I'm honestly surprised people don't have to change their tires annually; it seemed that every single street I drove … Continue reading Where We’re Going… We Need New Roads.