Alaska Recap

  Although we only had a cumulative less than 24 hours in Anchorage, and spent most of our time in a more remote town in Alaska (although I feel like this is redundant because isn't all of Alaska remote), the things I enjoyed are below: Anchorage, AK Restaurants: Snow City Cafe, Moose's Tooth Try: Deadliest Catch (or … Continue reading Alaska Recap

Chasing Bears

Sunday was our last day in Cordova. It felt a little surreal at this point, as Gary and Libby had been overly generous in opening their home to us, and Megan and I had no problem settling into this dynamic. It was sort of conflicting remembering that we had an actual home back in Virginia, … Continue reading Chasing Bears

Guns n’ Roses

"I don't want to get up," I groaned, turning off my alarm with a lightening speed reflex that contradicted how sluggish I was feeling, and rolled over to ignore my responsibilities. "We gotta get up, we still have stuff to do before the banquet," Megan answered from across the room, somehow willing herself to get … Continue reading Guns n’ Roses

Sea Lions and Otters and Deadliest Catch Boats – Oh My!

Alaska's time zone is four hours behind Virgina's time zone. By circadian logic, when my alarm went off at eight am in Alaska, it would be noon in Virginia, and I should have been more than ready to spring from my bed and embark on our Alaskan adventures of the day. However, I was not. … Continue reading Sea Lions and Otters and Deadliest Catch Boats – Oh My!