Alaska Recap

  Although we only had a cumulative less than 24 hours in Anchorage, and spent most of our time in a more remote town in Alaska (although I feel like this is redundant because isn't all of Alaska remote), the things I enjoyed are below: Anchorage, AK Restaurants: Snow City Cafe, Moose's Tooth Try: Deadliest Catch (or … Continue reading Alaska Recap

Anchorage Again: Part 1

We landed back in the Anchorage airport around 2:30 pm and headed back down the familiar, stretching hallway that lead to the rental car hub, just as we had the first time when we arrived days before. A projection of the Northern Lights adorned the ceiling, flickering between it's famous hues of luminescent green and … Continue reading Anchorage Again: Part 1

The End of the Earth

The last bit of our Sunday was bittersweet. We had our last dinner at the house, and when we sat to eat we noticed two spots had small gift bags with a cutout of the great state of Alaska glued to one side. "Those are for us," Megan whispered. I immediately felt giddy and guilty. … Continue reading The End of the Earth

The Crossroads of Alaska

"So... this is the airport," Megan stated, ushering to the one-room building we had just entered. After 49th State Brewing Company, Megan and I backtracked to the Anchorage airport, hopped on another Alaska Airlines plane, took a short 45-minute flight to Cordova, and unloaded on the tarmac before walking into the aforementioned one-room building that … Continue reading The Crossroads of Alaska

15 Hours in Anchorage Pt. 3

"Do you know a Michelle or Don?" Our waitress's eyes lit up for a second and then her right eyebrow slanted downward, processing. "I know a Michelle, but she's not working today. I don't know a Don." I pouted my lips in fake disappointment, pretending to be disheartened by not being able to see people … Continue reading 15 Hours in Anchorage Pt. 3

The Last Frontier

In 2016, my friend/co-worker/roommate went to Alaska for a work trip. She spent ten days tagging along with one of our remote co-workers who resides there, exploring small towns and big, empty expanses, and came back brimming with awe and a newfound passion for the wild, largely uninhabited 49th state. In March of this year, … Continue reading The Last Frontier