Anchorage Again: Part 1

We landed back in the Anchorage airport around 2:30 pm and headed back down the familiar, stretching hallway that lead to the rental car hub, just as we had the first time when we arrived days before. A projection of the Northern Lights adorned the ceiling, flickering between it's famous hues of luminescent green and … Continue reading Anchorage Again: Part 1

The Crossroads of Alaska

"So... this is the airport," Megan stated, ushering to the one-room building we had just entered. After 49th State Brewing Company, Megan and I backtracked to the Anchorage airport, hopped on another Alaska Airlines plane, took a short 45-minute flight to Cordova, and unloaded on the tarmac before walking into the aforementioned one-room building that … Continue reading The Crossroads of Alaska